Slow Little Photo began as a lighthearted project based on life lived slowly, with care, and based on the history of photography, with its slow-to-develop images. It continues as a mostly lighthearted and seriously fun business endeavor. We live by our catch-phrase, "Seriously imaginative photography." At Slow Little Photo, we create stunning visuals from raw image data and negatives, both analog and digital. We take our art seriously, and we believe just as passionately in the serious business of having fun and living to the fullest. Slow Little Photo runs a full-service image workshop, focused on creating both photography for fine artists and fine art photography, as well as managing superior-quality fine art print production. Based in the New York City area, we'll venture just about anywhere to share great images, from Westchester to Manhattan, Long Island to the Tri-State Area, from East Coast to West, and all points Midwestern. Oh, and international travel? Yeah. Never out of the question. Arts advocacy and endless encouragement for artists always included. Slow Little Photo offers three categories of photography products and services: 1) Slow Little Photo Curated Online Store 2) Photography Packages for Artists of All Stripes & 3) Individualized Canvas Selections for Your Home. Our Photography Packages come in five different flavors. Please send us a message so that we can help you assess which photo package suits you best. For engagements (photography) and weddings (videography), please contact business owner and lead photographer Nastia Rodionova directly. Thanks for visiting! We're glad to have you here.
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Photography For the Fine Arts
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